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One-off items produced.

One off and obsolete parts are no problem. We can produce parts or assemblies from patterns or drawings, or even a description in some cases.
We are even happy to reproduce things that may not even have ever been acheived in preservation.

Friction Clutch
Ruston & Hornsby Direct Plougher

Maclaren Radius Link Arms
8 HP Maclaren road loco

Burrell Steering Gears
Burrell 8HP agricultural

Sometimes we are asked by our customers to carry out jobs which can be farily daunting. Here we are re-boring the cylinder block on a Marshall portable engine, which was badly worn. The boring machine itself has a bit of history attached; it was alledgedly used in the Burrell works, presumably to carry out on site repairs, as it was originally hand operated. The use of this macine meant that the rebore could be carried out in-situ and that the cylinder block did not need to be removed.

Marshall Portable
Re-boring Cylinder

Marshall Portable
Re-boring Cylinder

Marshall Portable
Re-boring Cylinder