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Exact Replica Boiler Fittings.

As with the other ancilliary fittings, we can also manufacture a range of boiler fittings. Again, great care is taken during the research to produce a fitting which is identical to what your engine would have had originally.
Patterns are made and castings produced from BS 1400 - LG4 (Gunmetal), and the rest of the fitting is also made from the same material. All boiler fittings are tested hydraulically to twice the maximum working pressure and are supplied with both test and material certficates.
The fittings come fully machined, functional and highly polished. The only further machining work necessary is to drill any mounting flange holes. This can however be carried out at additional cost.
Clack Valves, boiler blow downs, manifolds, etc. can all be supplied.

Aveling Manifold
Aveling 3 take-off manifold for GND tractor

Aveling Clack
The most common type of Aveling clack valve

Fowler Blow Down
Fowler blow down valve for T3 roller

Garrett Filler Plug Casting
For Garrett 4CD Showman's Tractor

Aveling fittings
Aveling blow down and manifold for 'E' type roller

Aveling Blow Down
Aveling blow down valve for GND Tractor

Tasker Clack Valve
For Tasker B2 tractor

Tasker Blow Down Valve
For Tasker B2 Tractor

This is just a small selection of the boiler fittings that we can manufacture/supply. We are happy to undertake any type of fitting for any make of engine. Please contact us if you have any requirements.