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Universal Steam Engineering is an engineering service, specialising in all aspects of steam heritage restoration and preservation.

We are steam enthusiasts, providing a precision engineering service to the steam preservation fraternity. We specialise in one off engineering for steam engines of all types, and all related artifacts.

As well as carrying out restoration and repairs, we can also supply newly manufactured parts/components to aid with your restoration projects. These parts could be anything from small fittings, such as oil cups, cylinder drain cocks or even nuts, bolts and studs, to boiler fittings (Clacks, blow down valves, manifolds, etc.) and safety valves, through to bearings, motion parts, complete motion assemblies, and right up to smoke boxes, ash pans, tenders, etc. Every care is taken in the research of the component, whatever it may be, to ensure that it is exactly in line with what you require, and that it functions correctly. For instance, if you ordered a clack valve for an Aveling and Porter Steam roller, you would get an exact replica of an original Aveling clack valve, to the correct design period.
We strive to ensure that all our cutomers are happy with the end product.

Boiler fittings
A selection of fittings for an Aveling GND Tractor

Mclaren motion
A new pair of radius link arms for Mclaren road loco

Stop Press!!
We have recently gained accredited CE approval to manufacture complete boilers for 4" scale Foster traction engines. Available soon. To express interest please contact us. Edit Text